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Bikram Anna (Yogacharyaa)

Bikram Anna, a seasoned Hatha Yoga teacher with over 8 years of teaching experience. With a deep passion for yoga and a commitment to spreading its profound wisdom, Bikram Anna has dedicated his life to the practice and teaching of Classical Hatha Yoga. His extensive knowledge and expertise make him a valuable guide on the path of yoga.

Having spent several years immersed in the practice of Hatha Yoga, Bikram Anna brings a wealth of experience and understanding to his teaching. He has delved into the depths of this ancient yogic tradition, exploring its philosophy, asanas (poses), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation techniques. His journey has equipped him with the tools and insights necessary to handle deep and intricate yoga topics with clarity and precision.

Bikram Anna's training under the esteemed guidance of Sadhguru has been transformative. He has completed the rigorous 1750-hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course, which has offered him an unparalleled opportunity to immerse himself in the rich tradition of yoga. This intensive training has deepened his understanding of yoga's philosophy and practices, enabling him to share this sacred knowledge with his students.

With his experience and expertise, Bikram Anna is well-equipped to guide students through a wide range of practices. His classes encompass various aspects of Hatha Yoga, including asanas, pranayama, meditation, and yogic philosophy. He skillfully weaves these practices together, creating a harmonious and transformative experience for his students.

In his classes, Bikram Anna emphasizes the importance of alignment, breath awareness, and mindful movement. With his guidance, students learn to cultivate strength, flexibility, and balance in both their physical and energetic bodies. Through his teachings, he encourages students to explore the profound connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Bikram Anna's teaching style is nurturing, compassionate, and supportive. He creates a safe and inclusive space for students of all levels, allowing them to explore their practice at their own pace. With his warm and approachable demeanor, he fosters a sense of community and encourages students to embrace their own unique yoga journey.

Since beginning his teaching journey in 2020, Bikram Anna has touched the lives of numerous students, helping them discover the transformative power of yoga. His dedication to his own practice and continuous learning fuels his passion for teaching, and he remains committed to guiding others on their path to health, well-being, and self-discovery through the practice of Classical Hatha Yoga.

Join Bikram Anna in his classes and embark on a journey of self-exploration, transformation, and inner growth. Experience the profound teachings of Classical Hatha Yoga under the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced teacher. With Bikram Anna as your guide, you can expect to deepen your practice, expand your understanding of yoga, and cultivate a harmonious connection between your mind, body, and spirit.

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